We welcome you to the Polish American Citizens Club. In the languages of our ancestors: Witamy!, Sveiki Atvykę!

The Polish American Citizens Club of Albany (the PACC) is located at Blog for the latest information. Events are also posted on our calendar.

The mission of the PACC is to foster Polish tradition, language and culture through education, fellowship and social interaction. We also promote respect for the Constitution of the United States and all federal and local government laws and regulations. We improve the community in which we live through the sharing of time, talent and treasures. We donate, on a regular basis, the use of our facility to other local not-for-profit organizations for meeting or other gatherings.

The PACC offers a beautiful facility with a superb kitchen, full bar, bar games including darts (check out our dart league), and pool.

The PACC Bar is OPEN 7 days.

For more information, call the Club phone at (518) 482-9414 or the Auxiliary phone at (518) 482-2461. To book our hall, please use our contact form.